HOUSTON (CW39) – The summer heat is threatening Houston area residents more than ever this year. Low-income families living in aging homes with inefficient air quality and temperature equipment are most at risk for health and safety challenges.

In response, Rebuilding Together (RT) launched its Safe and Sound Services Program (SSSP), an initiative that targets significant health and safety hazards in homes and provides relief to the Harris County homeowners RT serves.

Rebuilding Together’s SSSP starts with a 25-point inspection checklist for low-income residents who qualify for their home repair program. Rebuilding Together inspects inside the home and outside, looking for opportunities to make the residents healthier and safer.

The repairs include installations of A/C window units, ceiling fans, CO detectors and alarms, and air purifiers; and safety equipment such as windows and doors that open, close, latch, and seal well. All of Rebuilding Together’s work is free to qualifying homeowners.

“As our region experiences more incidents of extreme weather each year, Rebuilding Together is focusing on making homes safer and more resilient against these extremes,” explained Christine Holland, Rebuilding Together Houston’s CEO. “The structural stability of a home, a secure roof, and both air conditioning and heat are crucial elements to safeguarding the health of our neighbors.”

About rebuilding Together Houston

For 40 years, Rebuilding Together Houston has been the only organization in our region to provide hundreds of families annually with home repairs. With more than 14,680 neighbors served, we have averaged one family helped per day for 40 years. Their work adds 20 years or more to the life of a home, making it safer and more resilient against disaster. They enlist community volunteers and licensed contractors to repair the homes of low-income elderly, U.S. military veterans, and working families in need.

The work of RT Houston improves the safety and structural integrity of homes that are passed from generation to generation, helping to retain the character of Houston neighborhoods by keeping families in communities that they helped to build.