HOUSTON (KIAH) — It is a living history museum dedicated to preserving the equipment, uniforms and memories of all American Servicemen and women. And, it’s opening it’s doors for 2 extraordinary events, and the public is invited to attend.

Founded in 2001, The Museum of the American G.I. is home to one of the finest collections in the US of restored, running WWI, WWII and later era military vehicles. It not only includes, a WWI FT-17 tank, WWII Sherman tanks, M18 Hellcats, it also houses various other tanks as well as historic uniforms and equipment used by the American Serviceman and women. 

Now, on November 4 and 5, 2023, you and your family can come see this museum up close and personal, in a big way. The museum is hosting ” History in Motion” and another event called “School of the Soldier”. You can ride a WWII tank or a WWII half-track.

CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton talked with Jacob Anderson, the Assistant Director of the Museum and Dr. Leisha Mullins, co-founder of the Museum to talk about what you can see and do, when you stop by.

Gates open at 9 a.m. on both days.

Saturday hours will be 10 AM – 4 PM

Sunday hours will be 10 AM to 3 PM. entering the museum property, you will ride in a WWII 2 1/2 ton CCKW, an LMTV or modern HUMVEE to the demonstration fields where all of the activities will take place.

For more information visit: American G I Museum History in Motion !


Get your ticket early! The first 500 early bird ticket sales will be entered into a drawing to ride in a WWII tank! If you do not want to rely on Lady Luck, the first 4 ride times on Saturday and Sunday are available for pre-purchase (from 8 AM Oct 4 through midnight Nov 4). All remaining ride times will be sold first come the day of!

If you do not want to rely on Lady Luck, the first four Tank ride times on both Saturday and Sunday are available for pre-purchase beginning October 4th, 2023. All remaining ride times will be sold first come the day of the event! 

The mission of the museum is to increase the public’s appreciation of the American Servicemen and women from WWI to the present through educational programs, static and living history displays as well as historical re-enactments.


School of the Soldier

Reminder, you ticket will also get you in, to interact and observe the Civil War Soldier as he goes about his daily routine.

“School of the Soldier” will show you first hand how a Civil War soldier’s time was spent in combat. Most of the soldier’s existence revolved around the routines of camp life. From tent layout to daily activities, everything in camp was regulated.

Drilling was part of the daily routine for the Civil War soldier. And you can see that too.

History will come alive at “School of the Soldier” on Nov 4 & 5!

Camps will be opened:
10 AM – 5 PM Saturday, Nov 4
10 AM – 3 PM Sunday, Nov 5

School of Soldier Drills – Manual of Arms, Stack Arms, Formations, and Loading in 9s demonstrations
11 AM- Noon  on both Saturday, Nov 4, and Sunday, Nov 5
3 PM – 4 PM on Saturday, Nov 4

Camp Lunch demonstrations
Noon – 1:30 on both Saturday, Nov 4, and Sunday, Nov 5

The ticket includes admission to the History in Motion and the School of the Soldier.  Kona Ice, Big Dawg BBQ, and Chick-fil-A will be on-site for the public to enjoy!

Find Information on the Museum of the American G.I. here:

Museum of the American G.I., 19124 Hwy 6, College Station, TX 77845