HOUSTON (KIAH) – On Wednesday, the Houston Food Bank received a huge donation from energy company Chevron for facility expansion.

Chevron donated 53 acres of land for a second distribution center with Houston Food Bank.

The organizations joined forces back in 2008. Food bank officials say Chevron is a financial contributor for over 14 years.

Since 1982, the Houston Food Bank has served 18 counties with the biggest need in rural and low-income areas.

Within the last year, the energy-industry company has invested more than $500,000 dollars in Houston Food Bank programs like “Backpack Buddy” and “Food for Change”.

The non-profit organization is one of the largest food banks in the country and serves millions of families across Southeast Texas. The Houston Food Bank has over 1,800 community, outreach partners like schools, pantries, and churches.

The organization is able to provide resources for so many people through monetary donations and volunteerism.

Chevron employees also volunteered at the food bank on the same day as the announcement event.