HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Houston Health Department recognizes its unsung heroes, the Houston call center staff who answered Houstonians’ most pressing questions throughout the pandemic.

The call center began receiving calls in march of 2020. The center stayed on top of the latest guidance and recommendations from the CDC.

They answered questions regarding testing and vaccinations—they even helped stop misinformation from spreading about the virus and the vaccine. The call center says they received calls all day, and it was very rare not to hear the phone ring. The team adds they would not leave until every call was answered.

“Some calls I received were very sad, people crying and saying please, I need to be tested my family is sick and other calls during the vaccine point. I need this, or I’m going to die, and that touched me because, at the end of the day, we’re helping people,” Jason Trotter, Call Center Supervisor, said.

The call center actively receives calls Monday through Saturday during select hours.

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