HOUSTON (KIAH) – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and why not share the joy of eating a delicious meal with Houston Humane Society’s shelter pets.

Photo courtesy of Houston Humane Society

HHS invites the community to embrace the true spirit of Thanksgiving with pets in the shelter and to spread the spirit of giving and ensure every shelter animal enjoys a heartwarming Thanksgiving meal.  

For just $10, pet lovers can treat these beloved animals to their very own special feast and pet-friendly treats, making sure they have full bellies and feel cherished during the holiday season. This heartwarming event not only fills their tummies, but also their hearts, reminding us of the joy that comes from giving back.

The community is encouraged to donate a meal by Friday, November 17. For more information on ways to donate or foster a pet at Houston Humane Society this holiday season, visit www.houstonhumane.org.