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SUGAR LAND, Texas (KIAH) — When we turn on our faucets, we know that water comes out, but do we know what happens to it afterward? More importantly, do we know how to save it?

The City of Sugar Land and the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land have partnered together to tell that story. Ocean Bound! intends to educate museum visitors on the value of water and where it comes from to foster a deeper sense of connection and stewardship for our natural environment. 

“Water conservation is crucial in meeting not just Sugar Land’s long-term water supply goals, but our entire region and beyond, and it will take a community-wide effort to achieve,” Sugar Land Public Works Director Brian Butscher said. “Our partners at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land embrace this message and are dedicated to helping spread this message in a way that’s unique and tailored to the Sugar Land community.”

The exhibit is set to run from Jan. 27 to May 14, and will cost $5 for the special exhibit fee, in addition to general admission. Visitors can expect to learn where their water comes from, the value of water, and how to transform that into conservation practices they can incorporate into their daily lives.

“We are very excited to partner with the City of Sugar Land on this brand new, wonderfully informative exhibition,” Kavita Self said. “Many might not realize the role of watersheds, the sequence of the water cycle, or the critical nature of water conservation, and we hope that the takeaway for our visitors is that they can do their part to make a positive, lasting environmental impact.”

Exhibit stations will include displays on watersheds that provide details on where our water comes from; a water conservation station where visitors can learn how to ensure we have enough water today and for future generations through indoor water conservation; and a water utility station that explores utility roles and the standards that are set to ensure high quality water for public consumption and use.

By experiencing and interacting with the exhibit stations in Ocean Bound!, children and adults alike can see themselves as stewards of their environment and the ocean, regardless of where they live, and learn to make decisions that preserve water quality.

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