HOUSTON (KIAH) — Each May, National Foster Care Month celebrates foster parents, family members, volunteers, and the community of people who help children and youth in foster care. But, as the month comes to an end, the work doesn’t stop to help foster kids, and one organization needs your help.

 BEAR (Be A Resource) is local nonprofit that helps Child Protective Services and the kids that is serves. The number of children under the care of Child Protective Services continues to rise in the greater Houston area. In fact, at any given moment, there are 16,000 children involved in CPS-related cases, over 1,000 of which are removed from their homes under emergency situations.

CW39’s Sharron Melton talks with Rebecca Moran, the Outreach Coordinator for BEAR. They talk about how the community can get involved, including donating to fulfill the current need for children in the greater Houston area, and joining BEAR in initiatives like Clays for Kids,  BEAR Back-to-School and Heart Gallery Houston to actively give hope and help to children in our community.