HOUSTON (KIAH) — There are only few days left of Mental Health Awareness Month and we still want to encourage Houstonians to take care of their mental health.

Many people are unsure of how to access to mental health services or what to expect when they do and luckily, the Harris Center can provide you with resources and aid.

Stigma is one of the biggest issues people face when considering a mental health professional, ” normalize that, supporting them, talking to them about how routine it is to access services and support and comparing it sometimes to physical condition,” said Young.

If a person is doubting or questioning life decisions and wants to reach out, how does that first visit look like?

  • A Robust assessment: it will help to determine what kind of treatment the person could need.
  •  Based on the assessment, the clinician, counselor, physiatrist will determine the treatment going forward as well as providing the best list of resources available.
  •  Support and engagement discussion about the treatment.

The Harris Center served over 90,000 people last year from birth to adulthood.