HOUSTON (KIAH) — This month is National Child Abuse Awareness month and local nonprofit, BEAR (Be a Resource) is raising awareness about how necessary it is to be a voice for at risk children and help put an end to child abuse across the greater Houston area. According to BEAR, the number of children under child protective services here Houston continues to grow. 16,000 children are involved with CPS-related cases. Over 1,000 of them were removed from their homes in an emergency.

The nonprofit is encouraging the community to help by volunteering, donating, attending its upcoming fundraiser in May and hosting a Heart Gallery exhibit.

BEAR has four different programs that support its mission:

BEAR has an upcoming event called, ‘Clays for Kids’ on May 23 that will help others get involved and help support its cause. To learn more, visit BEAResourcehouston.org.