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Houston Happenings

EARLY VOTING in Harris County, Sugar Land, and Katy

HOUSTON — CW39 Houston’s Maggie Flecknoe has a look at what’s happening in Houston.

Salmonella Outbreak

The CDC says a salmonella outbreak linked to red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions, made from Thomson International Inc.,has grown to 869 cases in 47 states. Luckily, no deaths have been reported. Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Vermont are the only states without cases. The CDC has also added new products to the recall list. Including cheese dips made with onions.

Hollywood Minute

Ellen has apologized. Find out to who. What is the highest earning band in the country? Catch that and more in today’s Hollywood Minute.

Opioid Use Linked To Miscarriages

Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant should avoid opioids. That’s according to new research from the national institutes of health. Researchers found even periodic use of opioids may dramatically increase the risk of miscarriage, and lower the chances of conception.

Payless To Open First U.S. Store

Payless is bouncing back. The discount shoe chain is planning to open 300 to 400 stand-alone stores across the US over the next few years. It’s quite the shift from last year, when the company filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time and shut down all of its 21 hundred stores in the U.S.. Payless said its website reopened for business on Tuesday. 30 to 45 stores will open up early next year here in Texas and other border states.

Dent In Earth Could Impact Satellites

A growing dent in the earth’s magnetic field could impact satellites and spacecrafts. The spot is called “South Atlantic Anomaly” and is being monitored by NASA. The magnetic field acts as a shield, protecting earth from solar wind, which comes with particles and radiation. But according to the space agency, the dent is allowing those particles to get closer than before. For now, NASA says it won’t affect us here on earth.

Where Do Penguins Come From?

It turns out penguins didn’t originate in Antarctica as scientists believed. A new study by researchers at the University of California shows they first evolved in Australia and New Zealand 22 million years ago. Researchers suggest the king and emperor penguins split off and moved to antarctic waters, likely attracted by the abundant food supply there.

Does Dust Carry COVID-19?

A new study indicates that dust particles may be able to carry and spread the flu and perhaps other viruses such as COVID-19. Using guinea pigs, researchers showed the animals could infect one another through a virus painted onto their fur. Tissues soaked with a virus, and allowed to dry could possibly send off infectious particles when crumpled. That means dried influenza virus remains viable in the environment for a period of time on things like tissues.

Amarillo Helping Teachers

This is how one woman is helping out teachers during the upcoming school year.

“Cheers” Bar Closing

We have some news that’s not so cheery. The “Cheers” bar in Boston is closing after 20 years.The bar was built to mimic the fictional bar in the show. The doors will officially close on August 30th. The bar owner says he is trying to find new placement for his employees. The original location “Bull and Finch Pub” which actually inspired the bar on “Cheers” will remain open.

Movie Preview – “Words On Bathroom Walls”

Have a look at the new drama “Words On Bathroom Walls” – and a dive into mental health.

Starbucks launches new summer drinks

Starbucks is adding two new tropical green drinks to its menu. The “Kiwi Star-Fruit” combines star-fruit flavored juice, with real pieces of kiwi, hand-shaken with ice. The star drink has the same flavor and ingredients, with coconut milk. Both drinks are under 200 calories.

Fort Worth Man Walks To Austin

Leon Reed walked from Fort Worth to Austin in hopes to land a meeting with the governor to talk about police reform. His proposals focus on a few main points, including recruiting, enhancing training, updating daily operations and improving officer mental health. Reed says his journey is not done, until he gets that meeting.

Study: Earliest humans dealt with bedbugs

Researchers say they have found fossilized grass beds, at an archaeo-logical site in South Africa. The bedbugs dated back to 200-thousand years ago, and were found sitting on top of layers of ash. Researchers believe that’s the earliest humans used the ash to deter pests. They say the ash kept insects from crawling through the bed and blocked the pests from biting.

Small Business Fund

City Council and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner approved $15M for the city’s Small Business Economic Relief Fund. That application process opens today at 8am. It’s the first day small business owners may start applying for this money. APPLY NOW!

EARLY VOTING in Harris County, Sugar Land, and Katy