HOUSTON (CW39) – Rain or shine, there is work to be done. This Saturday morning was far from relaxing in Deer Park.

Locals in this town still have to drive on pieces of dry wall matted down on the roadway and wear shoes to step in their own backyard with the threat of slicing their foot on glass, or stepping on a nail. Some still without power, others without a home. One street is fine, the other… flattened.

Not everyone in the town experienced the same magnitude of winds, thus, the damage range was large. Those who are able to wake up WITH a home, understand that the inconveniences they are managing are minor to their neighbors’. Time and time again, we see it happen, the light of humanity shining through the darkness that natural disasters bring.

Passing though, CW39 Meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin spotted a group of volunteers cooking up a storm in the rain, under tents in the parking lot of a local Dollar General. After a few deep thoughts and making it about a mile down the road, she cut a U-turn to go back to that lot. Gratefully so.

Meet Ivan Dominguez, with Apache Industrial Services.

Ivan stated that yesterday they served over 750 meals to the community. “Today we want to serve over a thousand, come on out!”, he added.

After getting offered a hot plate of freshly made scrambled eggs from Wild Child Cookers from La Porte, Texas, they explained why they were there. They teamed up with Apache Industrial Services to make sure that everyone in town was taken care of.

Their team also added that if you can not make it out to get your food and case of water, call and put in an order for someone to bring to you.

Some of the volunteers stated, “There are so many people that are helping this morning, who suffered damage to their own homes. It is so amazing to see those who are hurting, still helping others”.

To residents in this town, stepping up after disaster strikes is almost second nature. “We have built this bond after Harvey, and many other big weather events. Helping your neighbor is just what you do”, a team member mentioned.

As for normalcy? No one knows when that will return to Deer Park. Until that time, this town is locking arms, making sure no one goes unfed, unclothed, or unhoused.