HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) – I want to take the time to go over an incredibly special event that will be occurring this weekend… two teams of women, including myself, will compete in a flag football game to inspire fundraising, awareness, and action in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Blondes and brunettes go head to head, but all with the same goal in mind, to beat Alzheimer’s. We have been putting in the hours on and off the field the past two months to raise money for research and sharpen our athletic skills. Now we put it all to the test, this Saturday… TDECU Stadium, at the University of Houston. Kickoff is at 12 pm with and post-game celebration at Post Oak Icehouse.  

I am not worried one bit about my team’s playing capabilities, I know the talent that these girls are bringing to the field this Saturday, but mother nature is trying to throw some trick plays our way. Record breaking heat is expected for Saturday afternoon, and we will be amid our hottest stretch of weather so far this year. Athletes on the blondes and the brunettes’ side of the ball are encouraged to stay extra hydrated as temperatures are going to be even hotter on the turf. Game goers are also expected to stay hydrated. No matter how entertaining the game may be, or how well your favorite meteorologist is playing. Listen to your body, step aside for a break including shade and water when you see fit. We want to avoid heat related illnesses at all cost this weekend, however, if they do occur… medical professionals will be on standby.  

Parking Map for Saturday’s Game

Credit: Thank you Quy Photography for all the support and long hours put in capturing these moments through out our short season. Thank you CW39 Houston Staff for the encouraging messages and donations. Thank you to our coaches for volunteering to teach us how to be flag football stars!