HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Texas Center of the Missing will host an event this weekend to help those in the Houston area to find missing loved ones.

This Saturday, April 29, has been designated as Missing in Harris County Day, a day to help families who have missing loved ones to make connections with county resources to help bring those people home.

Family and friends of missing loved ones will be at the Children’s Assessment Center at 2500 Bolsover Street, along with other members of the community to learn from county agencies how to navigate the missing persons system, as well as talk with other social services and various missing person networks.

The event will feature:

  • Local law enforcement agencies accepting missing persons reports from families of the missing,
  • Trained DNA collection specialists collecting voluntary family reference DNA cheek swabs to upload into a national missing persons database,
  • Bilingual guides assisting all attendees in the completion of a missing person report or directing attendees to resources,
  • Private roundtable discussion for family members with a missing loved one,
  • Forensic artists providing age-progressed photos of long-term missing persons,
  • Panel discussions addressing missing persons issues and more.

Families or friends should plan to bring information to the event for data entry or information updates in the national missing persons database, including:

  • Photos of the missing with identifying features (e.g., tattoos or birthmarks) or personal items (e.g., favorite earrings or shirt),
  • X-rays, dental or medical records
  • Police reports or other identifying documents that can be scanned and placed on file
  • Two biological relatives from the mother’s side of the missing loved one to voluntarily submit DNA samples, if desired

For more information, go to centerforthemissing.org/missing-in-harris-county-day.