HOUSTON (KIAH ) – Within the last week, our nation experienced many tragedies due to gun violence. Mass shootings occurred in Buffalo, Santa Ana, Milwaukee, and Houston.

On Sunday, two people were killed and two others injured at a flea market shooting in Harris County, Texas.

A group called “Moms Demand Action“, fights for change in Texas gun laws and public safety to help protect people from gun violence. One of their goals is to comfort and guide families during times of crisis.

A mother of five children, Shannon Watts, founded the organization after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

We know they leave permanent scars on the communities. We know they leave permanent holes in families. Unfortunately, only scratches the surface of the daily gun violence we see in the United States.

Diana Galindo, Volunteer with Moms Demand Action

The organization is a national group of women who advocate for the safety of children in America when it comes to access to weapons. According to “Moms Demand Action”, gun violence costs the state of Texas over $23.7 million a year.

The group’s research shows that community violence intervention programs are effective at reducing gun injuries and deaths in some of the most heavily-impacted neighborhoods.

Based on studies done by “Moms Demand Action”, over 3,600 people in Texas are killed and over 9,000 are injured as a result of gun violence each year. Within the last year, the state has relaxed its gun laws, implementing permitless carry.

“We have dismantled all of our safety laws in Texas. So everybody has access to guns now. Guns are being stolen out of cars at unprecedented rates,” said Galindo.

Galindo says using your voice to vote is one of the best solutions to getting guns off the streets and seeing a change in our laws.

The organization has a local chapter in every state. For more information on volunteering or local resources for parents suffering the loss of a child due to gun violence, you can text “READY” to 64433, visit the MomsDemandAction.org. You can also visit BeSmartForKids.org for additional resources.