HOUSTON (KIAH) – October 28, is National Prescription Drug Takeback Day. On this day, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is spreading the word of caution and awareness in effort to stop the use of the most abused drug in the workplace. Especially where workplace amphetamine positivity was highest – in the Education Services industry at 2.1%.

Proper medication disposal at Takeback Day events can help reduce prescription stimulant access and abuse. If not this weekend, find a collection site near you.

One area significantly impacted, according to the new findings, is amphetamine use in the workplace. The stimulant speeds up the body’s system and messages between the brain and body. According to Medline Plus, amphetamines effect your brain by causing the brain to release dopamine. One might feel in more control, self-confident, energetic, and the feeling of extremely clear thinking, even joy. Harmful effects include skin sores, tooth decay, mood and emotional problems, aggression, even suicide are among the worst-case scenarios. Amphetamines can also be addictive, which could lead to the more common use which can leave one in a downturn spiral without the ability to concentrate, even become violent or hallucinate.

According to the most recent Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index, amphetamines positivity rose 15.4% in 2022 over 2021. The data didn’t differentiate prescribed versus illicit amphetamine use. However, the uptick correlates with evidence of growing amphetamine use nationwide.

By providing a safe means of prescription drug disposal, Takeback Day aims to curb misuse and abuse of medications like amphetamines. Employers should be aware of rising workplace amphetamine positivity and take steps to ensure a drug-free environment.