HOUSTON (KIAH) — The “Real Talk Drives Real Change” series made its final tour stop in Houston on Sunday, Sept. 25 at the Cullen Performance Arts Center at the University of Houston.

During the event, panelists gave their insight on what it means to be financially free and their personal journeys.

Political commentator Mike Muse hosted the panel and was joined by Houston Rapper Bun B, Former NBA Champ John Salley, Head of Google for StartUps Jewel Burks Solomon, and Founder of Urban Hydration Psyche Terry.

Rapper Bun B addressed the importance of brand association, which allowed him to create Trill Burgers. “We need to make sure these young people have the proximity of success… everything that I’ve learned before prepared me for more success moving forward,” Bun B said.

The “Real Talk Drives Real Change” series also addressed racial disparities and explored actions that could result in real change.