AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police are investigating a burglary at an apartment home on Parker Lane off Interstate 35 in south Austin.

Stephane George lives in the apartment. On the afternoon of Thursday, March 3, she was at work when she got a notification on her phone.

“My camera pinged,” she said, referring to the app connected to her home surveillance cameras at her apartment, letting her know someone was inside.

When she opened it, she said she saw a man she did not recognize grabbing stuff around her living room and putting it into her laundry basket.

“I pressed ‘talk’ and I was like, ‘hello?'” she said. “He looked around like, ‘whoa what was that?'”

She said she called police right away, left work and headed home.

“By the time I got here, there were like three or four cops here already,” she said.

According to, burglaries fall under non-emergencies, which as of October 2021 go through 311 instead of 911. But this call was different, because the crime was still in progress when she called, prompting police to respond right away.

“Even the police told me I did my due diligence more than a lot of other people,” she said. “I have a camera.”

Below is the full clip of the surveillance video.

The Austin Police Department said officers found signs of criminal activity when they got there, but the suspect was gone, and it’s still investigating.

George said her camera cost $30, and she’s urging others to invest in one.

“Just bought a sign that said ‘smile you’re on cam’ as another deterrent. I plan on buying another camera for outside,” she said.