Harris County Justice Administration releases local crime trends and comparisons


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KIAH) The crime rate data for Harris County and other counties in Texas are sourced from the Texas Department of Public Safety Website, which is available for public use. Law enforcement agencies submit this data to the DPS, and this is made readily accessible on their website – https://txucr.nibrs.com/Report/IndexCrimesReport. The data for large counties in the US are sourced from various public websites, which are also available for public view/use.

The dashboard shows counts of index crimes as reported annually; the counts are normalized by population to show counts per 100,000 residents and year-on-year percentage change. The trend is shown from 2015 through 2020 for Harris County and counties in Texas, and from 2018 through 2020 is shown for counties in the US.  You can view the dashboard here.

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