HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner visited the three officers in the hospital and discussed injuries they suffered in the shootout Thursday afternoon in Fifth Ward.

“We are certainly praying for our police officers who were shot today,” Turner said.

One was shot in the foot. One was shot in the leg and one was shot in the arm. All of their injuries are non-life-threatening.

The mayor also got a chance to visit with the officers’ family members.

“I had a chance to visit with each one of them and with even with some of the family members all three officers are in good spirits,” Turner said. “All were talkative and we expressed No. 1, our support of them, how appreciative we are of their service, and how grateful and thankful that their injuries were not a lot worse, because it could certainly have been a lot worse.”

In an effort to reduce crime in Houston, Turner and police chief Troy Finner announced they will be introducing new initiatives they will need support for from higher levels.

“Quite frankly there are just too many (guns) that are on the streets and in the hands of people who will use these guns in a second – and unnoticed,” Turner said. “This is one of those situations where a person gets out (of a vehicle, and the) person start shooting. Now we have three police officers who were in the hospital with gunshot wounds. I want to continue to be supportive.”

He went on to thank medical teams who’ve constantly cared for receiving law enforcement officers at local are hospital, including doctors and nurses. Also, thanking local fire chief Pena.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was in attendance as well as a city councilwoman. Her name was not disclosed.