HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston police chief Troy Finner and Mayor Sylvester Turner announced violence initiatives this week that they say will also need support from the upper level for the city of Houston.

Finner thanked local and national leaders for attending the press conference last Thursday night after three officers were shot. However, he didn’t thank local and national leaders for helping the bigger situation at hand.


This week, Harris County is announcing a major initiative to stop gun violence in the local community. It’s called the “Clean streets, safe neighborhoods” program.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, along with Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and others are demonstrating the program today, with the demolition of a structure used by drug dealers to hide weapons and narcotics.

The program is part of a broader $50 million anti-crime effort approved by commissioner’s court last October, to reduce the root causes of violent crime, by addressing unsafe abandoned buildings and dark streets that serve as hot spots for crime and gun violence.


This week, Turner announced a new city wide initiative to combat violent crime in the city of Houston. It’s called “One Safe Houston” and the plan focuses on reducing crime and violence, crisis intervention and youth outreach opportunities. $2.5 million goes to training outreach workers to mitigate conflict before it becomes violent. $1.5 million goes to Houston Forensic Science to help with the more than 100,000 case backlogs. $3 million goes to services to help survivors and prevention of violence. The plan also hopes to put more officers on the streets.

In last Thursday night’s press conference after three local officers were shot, Mayor Turner certainly went on-and-on to thank medical teams who’ve constantly cared for receiving law enforcement officers at local are hospitals. Specifically doctors and nurses at Memorial Hermann. Also, thanking local fire chief Pena who assisted in getting one of the injured officers transported for emergency care from the scene.

This, as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was in attendance as well as a city councilwoman. Though that woman’s name was not disclosed.

Chief Finner described the ‘tough’ moment when he received the emergency call about three officers injured.

“It is tough but I received that call today. ‘Three officers down,'” Finner said. “You don’t know the condition, but I’m gonna tell you stand by your law enforcement officers. Stand by the justice system. We’re going to continue to work here in Harris County, Houston-Harris County, to make sure we’re doing everything we can do, but we need help from everybody.

“Remember what I said and this doesn’t go for individuals who need treatment, suffering from drug addiction or mental illness,” he said.

“But these violent individuals. I’m damn tired of it. We need to stand up as a community and do whatever we’ve got to do. If that is to have more jail capacity, let’s get it done. No more excuses.”  

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner

Let’s support our officers

Turner also asked for the support of Houstonians as they face dangerous possibilities on a daily basis. “I want to ask the people in this city to continue to lift them up, to continue to be very supportive of them.  To let them know that we are very supportive of them, and that we appreciate them doing everything they can to keep the rest of us safe,” Turner said.