HOUSTON (KIAH) Members of rap group Migos, Takeoff, was confirmed as the victim involved in a fatal downtown Houston shooting.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he has heard from other artists in the rap entertainment industry whom he knows personally and have reached out.

When hip hop gets a bad rap

He said that after shootings like this, “sometimes the hip hop community gets a bad name. I know and evident from this city and people who I have a personal relationship with, a lot of great people and our hip hop community and I respect them.”

About Takeoff’s murder in particular, Chief Finner said “I got many calls from Houston and outside of Houston and everyone spoke of what a great young man he is – how peaceful he is. What a great artist. I’m calling upon everybody. Hip hop artists in Houston and around the nation. We have to police ourselves. There are several talented individuals men and women in our community again, I love and our respect. We need to stand together and make sure nobody tears down that industry. I’m calling to start here in Houston.”  

Chief, rap community taking action

After what happened last night, the chief plans to take action by meeting with the local hip hop community that he hopes will spur change toward a safer city, and country.

“Here and possibly as early as this next week, I want to meet with some of these artists and see how we can taper things down. I want to ask that we all pray for his mother his family and all of his friends who are in deep pain and shock still right now.”