HUMBLE, Texas (KIAH) – An young Humble man was sentenced to 75 years in state prison for the calculated 2020 murder of an acquaintance.

The Harris County District Attorney said Siten Anney, 20 was convicted in a four-day trial for the fatal shooting of Trevor Alan Harrison, 22, in the parking lot of an Atascocita Road apartment complex in November 2020.

According to Harris County prosecutors, Anney intentionally lured the victim to where the killing happened by sending messages and making phone calls under false pretenses. Then he shot Harrison with a 9mm handgun, believing he was involved in the earlier murder of Anney’s friend.

Trevor Alan Harrison, 22, (above)

Twenty-one minutes after the cold-blooded killing, Anney tried to sell off the murder weapon online. He also shared the news article of Harrison’s slaying with friends, admitting he had waited all night to see the story in the news.

Siten Anney, 20, (above)

“This defendant spent hours doing everything he could to lure this young man to his death,” said District Attorney Kim Ogg. “We are grateful the jury saw exactly how cold and calculated this murder was and handed down the appropriate sentence.”

Extensive digital evidence allowed investigators to identify Anney as the killer. The Harris County DA’s office said prosecutor Maroun Koutani successfully demonstrated the premeditated, heartless nature of the killing, resulting in the 75-year sentence.

The Harris County District Attorney’s office also said “the long prison term for such a chilling homicide is intended to send a strong message about the consequences of violence. While justice cannot undo this tragedy, the victim’s loved ones and community can find some closure knowing the killer will be behind bars for decades.”