SPLENDORA, Texas (KIAH) – A man has been arrested and charged for murdering his girlfriend, whose ex-husband and children discovered her body last month in Splendora.

Jacob Otis Cavanaugh from Goodrich, Texas, was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies this week for an unrelated robbery charge on March 15. He has now been charged with murdering Holly Vines of Magnolia, who was found dead in the garage of her home on March 16.

Investigators said that they have found physical evidence that Cavanaugh was in a relationship with Vines and the statements that he made after the murder implicated him as the shooter.

Vines, 41, was found dead by her ex-husband and her children on March 16 at the 25500 block of White Oak Lane in Splendora.

Cavanaugh, 40, was held on a $100,000 bond for the robbery, but he is now being held without bond for the murder charge.