RICHMOND, Texas (KIAH) — A man has been sentenced to life in prison by a Fort Bend County jury after stabbing a man to death in 2019.

Gregory Kennith Wise, 33, was convicted of murder after killing Brandon Yarbrough back in 2019.

Prosecutors say wise stabbed Yarbrough 12 times while he was standing outside a Missouri City convenience store on July 7, 2019.

His motive is still unclear.

During the investigation, authorities discovered a video of Wise and Yarbough boxing in the street a week prior to the murder.   Otherwise, there was no evidence of an ongoing problem between the two.  At trial, the defendant testified that there had been other problems between him and the victim.  He claimed that he needed to defend himself from the victim to justify the stabbing. 

The jury disagreed.

“Based on the evidence, it was clear that Wise could no longer be trusted to remain in our community,” lead prosecutor Traci Bennett of the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office said. “Making prison the only place where the public’s safety could be guaranteed.”

Wise was tried in the 240th District Court before Presiding Judge Frank J. Fraley.  Assistant District Attorneys Traci Bennett and Sunni Mitchell prosecuted the case on behalf of the State.