HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s no question, this week of crime stands out for Houston law enforcement and Harris County.

With the loss of a Harris County Precinct 5 corporal and a sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff’s office, Mayor Sylvester Turner and police chief Troy Finner are now faced with a bigger challenge after three Houston police officers were shot Thursday afternoon.

Thursday night, in front of Memorial Hermann Hospital, where the officers were being treated after a shoot out with a gunman carrying an automatic weapon, the Turner said “starting on Saturday, it’s been a tough week. It’s been a tough week for law enforcement and it’s been a tough week for the city as a whole. Quite frankly for the city (of Houston) as well as the county.”

Houston Police have a dangerous job 

Turner pointed out the dangers Houston Police face every day and his gratitude to law enforcement on the job in Houston.

“What it indicates is that being a police officer in this case or in law enforcement is an inherently dangerous job,” Turner said. “Every single day these police officers leave their homes, not knowing what they will encounter in that day as a police officer. It is an inherently dangerous job and so I cannot tell you how proud I am of every single law enforcement officer that serves our with city and gives their all.”

Let’s support our officers

Turner also asked for the support of Houstonians as they face dangerous possibilities on a daily basis. “I want to ask the people in this city to continue to lift them up, to continue to be very supportive of them.  To let them know that we are very supportive of them, and that we appreciate them doing everything they can to keep the rest of us safe,” Turner said.