HOUSTON (KIAH) – A local store in north Houston is recovering from two impactful robberies that happened within months of each other.

A Black-owned beauty supply store that sells expensive products like human hair and clippers was robbed twice since the beginning of the year. Now, they’re looking for answers.

Surveillance video shows a suspect stealing from Mother’s Hair Beauty Supply store in north Houston. Pictures show someone climbing through the wall and into the stock room.

The owners say the person came through a vacant building next door. Police have confirmed that the business has been robbed twice. The first robbery happened in January and the second one happened at the beginning of April.

An employee, Leah Granville says, “Being called at four o’clock in the morning from my boss, I know what’s going on. It’s like, what else could be happening right now.”

Granville says the store owner and staff feel targeted. Since the last break-in, they’ve added padlocks to the front door and more security cameras.

“Being that you feel like you’ve made all of the preventative measures it’s like what else could we do? Like, you know, its unsettling. You know I kinda find myself on guard. You know making sure I’m on watch when I’m in the store,” said Granville.

The owners say the robbers left the main wall that’s now covered with wigs and clippers — completely empty.

“The robbers really focused on the expensive things like our wigs. We have wigs that cost a thousand dollars. Like, four hundred to a thousand dollars. So they came and took – they hit us hard. They hit us where it hurts,” said Granville.

Granville has a message for the community, “Be more open to asking. You don’t have to take. Especially, when we’re trying to be. Well, we’re hoping to be a pillar for the community. Like, we do so many things for the community. Pop-up shops, we give out free things all the time. So It’s like, it’s better to ask than to take. Especially, when people work so hard for what they have.”

The owner of Mother’s says so far, the shop is working to recover thousands of dollars worth of hair,  clippers, and other beauty products.

The Houston Police Department said that they are investigating and looking for the people responsible for both of these robberies.