CONROE, Texas (KIAH) — An arrest has been made in connection to the death of two seniors from The Woodlands High School.

Abdulbaaith Adewale, 19, is behind bars, accused of dealing drugs laced with fentanyl to 17-year-old Gregory Blodgett and 18-year-old Irene Sutherland.

Both students died of an overdose on May 5 and fentanyl was found in the toxicology reports.

The suspect has a history in Montgomery County, as he faced three charges possession of a controlled substance last year but completed a program and the charges were dismissed.

“Let this be a warning to those who sell illicit narcotics: Montgomery County Law Enforcement is committed to finding you and holding you accountable not only for the selling of illicit narcotics but for the deaths that occur,” Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson said in a statement.

Adewale faces two charges of manufacture or delivery of controlled substance causing death or serious bodily injury. The investigation is still active, deputies said.