Three credit card skimmers found at Friendswood gas station; police advise customers to check bank accounts


HOUSTON (CW39) The Friendswood Police Department is warning residents of credit card skimmers that were found at an area convenient store. Investigators say, three credit card skimmers were found and removed from pumps at the Chevron gas station located at 1651 W. Parkwood Avenue on Friday, April 23rd.

One customer reported fraudulent activity on a credit card and returned to the business with a detective, who found the skimmer devices. The pumps were then shut down by management.

The Friendswood Police Department is advising residents who purchased fuel at the store recently to check bank accounts and credit card statements for any fraudulent activity. Paying at the pump is convenient, especially for those of us in a hurry, but that convenience comes with a risk.

Here are some tips to avoid card skimming:

Pay with cash. You might even save some money if the gas station provides discounts for those using cash instead of a card.
Pay inside where it is less likely the credit card terminal has been tampered with.
Use mobile payment options like Google Pay or Apple Pay if they're an option.
Use the chip reader rather than swipe. Shimming is possible this way, but less likely.
Use credit, not debit, whenever possible. If a thief is able to steal your debit card information, they have access to your bank account.
Investigate the card reader to make sure nothing looks or feels unusual. If something doesn't seem right, pay inside and report your concerns.
If possible, only stop at busy, well-lit and well-maintained gas stations. Look for stickers or other signs that the pumps are regularly inspected.

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