HOUSTON (CW39) Multiple shootings overnight, two fatal has police working at extent.

Police are investigating two violent shootings in Third Ward alone, that happened minutes apart, resulting in fatalities.  One man was killed on a bike path in the neighborhood. The killer(s) got away.

The first victim was shot several times outside a convenience store near Yates High School and the TSU campus. That happened around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night. That shooter was in a black hoodie and mask. That happened on Tierwester at Winbern Street.

Soon after that, another shooting happened on Anita Street. That’s where a man was shot and police said there is a possibility it could be gang related.

“Out of protection for yourself, your family, your own community… let’s talk about what’s happening and who’s involved so we can talk about who’s responsible,” Cmdr. Caroleta Johnson said.

Police still don’t know who is responsible and are asking the public to share information, including footage from door cams that could lead to arrests.