Deadly police shooting in Freeport

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FREEPORT, Tx. — On Wednesday, Freeport police shot and killed a suspect and then faced the fire from a gathering crowd.

Police responded to a call at the Garden Villa Apartments. Ronald Sneed, 31, had reportedly kicked in the door at his common-law wife`s apartment. The caller was her 15-year old son.

When police arrived, they say Sneed was sitting on the bed with her. Said Captain Raymond Garivey, Freeport PD, “They couldn`t see his hands, they demanded to see his hands, finally he brought his hands up. Then they saw he had a gun and he turned, pointed the gun at the female laying next to him. Fearing for her safety they discharged their firearm.”

Sneed, five times a convicted drug felon, was dead. Word spread quickly as did fears that this was another in the nation’s mounting number of unjustified police shootings.

“I think he should have been warned with a taser; I don`t think he should have been murdered,” said Takeshia Myers, who had joined the crowd.

Soon community activist Quanell X was meeting with the victim’s common-law wife. Afterwords, he told the crowd to go home, the shooting was justified. Said Quanell “In this case the cop did exactly what the citizens of this city would have wanted him to do. He protected that young woman.”

But Quanell warned that in the future, things might not be so peaceful. “If they killed this brother in cold blood I’d be the first one to say let’s tear this damn city up.” He continued, “That’s absolutely how we’d ride with this, but that’s not the case.”

The shooting and fallout, a live commentary on today`s world, where police doing their job to protect are immediately met with suspicion.



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