12 soldiers hit by lightning in Colorado

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FORT CARSON, CO – A soldier’s job is a dangerous one, and by the looks of this story, even if they’re not in a war-zone.

A dozen soldiers are injured after lightning struck during a training exercise near Butts Army Airfield in Fort Carson, Colorado.

“They were in a large open area where there was no other vegetation, just a large field area and there was a lightning strike that happened real close to them,” said Major Earl Brown, Fort Carson Spokesman.

Around 350 soldiers were rushing to take cover before the lightning struck. And then boom! Reports say the 12 injured soldiers were just about 65 feet away from safety.

Now an investigation has been launched to see if the training exercise was stopped soon enough.

“I know it was pretty close together so it’s unclear, right now they’re going to be conducting an investigation to what went wrong and how do we make ourselves better so something like this doesn’t happen again,” said Brown.

Talk about an unlucky strike.



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