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HOUSTON, Texas — Alyssa Ferguson is 12 years old and battling a brain tumor. She had the opportunity to wish for anything she wanted through the Make-a-Wish Foundation and her wish was for a water well to be built in a village in Africa.

Alyssa said, “If I didn’t even get cancer, I wouldn’t be making this wish. It wasn’t like a life-or-death situation so I thought I could take the opportunity to help someone else.”

Sandy Ferguson, Alyssa’s mom, said,”I cry every time I tell the story because, as a parent, it makes you extremely proud.”

The well is completed and later in 2015 when Alyssa is healthy enough to travel, she will be able to go to Africa and place a plaque on the well herself.

Sandy said, “You hope your kid never has to have the opportunity to make a wish, so the fact that they exist and they make something come true for a kid who part of their childhood has been taken away from them is pretty neat.”