13 arrested at Keystone XL pipeline protest

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HOUSTON, TX – This isn’t the first protest to “Stop the tar sand. Stop the pipeline” and it likely won’t be the last.

A group opposed to building the Keystone XL Pipeline staged a protest this morning in front of the TransCanada offices in downtown Houston.

Amanda Starbuck, who was one of those protesting, said, “There is nothing good about an oil pipeline. Pipelines are built to spill. So we’re concerned about water pollution, we’re concerned about land owner rights. We’re also deeply concerned about the impact this project is going to have on the climate.”

By now some of you know the pipeline is proposal to send crude oil from Alberta to the U.S. It’s been bogged down in protests versus politicians — no word on when or if it will happen.

Police and building management warned the protesters to leave, but being arrested was part of their plan.

As the protesters staging the sit in were arrested one by one, their fellow protesters across the street continued the rally cry, “The people united can never be defeated.”

These activists want you to know about the pipeline and what they say are the inherent dangers it brings.

“Because it’s their air and their water that will be polluted when the pipelines break… and they will,” says Mary Hailey of Friendswood.

Jim Williams believes, “These people don’t care that what they’re doing is detrimental to the Earth because they make so much money.”

Whether you believe them or not, at least 13 protesters went to the slammer trying to get their message out. Although after what seems like countless sit-ins, you wonder how many people are tuning out.


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