14-year-old La Marque teen charged with the murder of his own mother

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La Marque, TX – A gruesome murder in a quiet La Marque neighborhood. The body of 33 year old Nita Moseley, discovered by her next door neighbor on Saturday.

Next door neighbor Austin described the events “I noticed the door was open and I figured her son may have been in there letting some fresh air in the house, and then when I came back about 45 minutes later the door was still open, and that’s when I went over their to investigate, and that’s when I found the body.”

Missing from the house, Moseley’s 14 year old son and a Nissan Maxima.
Both located on Sunday in Houston.

The 14 year old boy taken in for questioning, and on Monday morning charged with murdering his own mother who was pregnant, according to La Marque police.

“He seemed like a good kid but then again, I guess you just never know, you really don’t,” added Austin.

Neighbors are horrified something like this could happen in their neck of the woods.

Frank said, “This is the first time anything ever happened like this in this neighborhood. Like I said, it’s been a nice neighborhood as long as I’ve lived here.”

Now, a pregnant mother dead, and her teenage son facing murder charges. Talk about a family destroyed.



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