16-year-old kid starts renewable energy company

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kevinPEARLAND, TX – What were you doing the summer you turned 16? Skateboarding? Hangin’ out with friends? Smokin’ weed? (Cough… cough… no, uh, nobody does that).

Well, one 16-year-old in Pearland, Kevin G. Smith, Jr. decided to finish home-school high school and start his own renewable energy company. It’s called K-Smith Energy (wonder where he got that!).

“We know that at some point, we’re gonna run out of fossil fuels, and we won’t be able to power our homes with our current electricity company,” says teenage CEO Smith. “With K-Smith Energy, we decided that by using solar panels and wind turbines, we know that the sun is never gonna go away and we know that wind is never gonna go away, and so with those two, we’re able to power your home.”

Kevin says for 3000 bucks down and $20 a month, his company will come out and install money-saving solar panels or a wind turbine in your home, business or apartment. Not sure what apartment he’s talking about. Most of ’em won’t even let you hang towels on the patio!

“As far as the wind turbines, if they have a grass area in front of their apartment,” explains Kevin, “we’re able to install there, or we can work with the apartment owners to actually put the panels on top of the roof.”

Work with the apartment owners?! Uh… good luck!

Kevin’s obviously a smart kid. He’s done a lot of research, but it takes more than that to start a business like this. But he assures, “If I want to succeed then we’re going to succeed ’cause I said we were.”

Teenage optimism at its finest; hope that works out for you!


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