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CHICAGO — Chicago emergency responders are trying to explain why they thought a shooting victim was dead when he actually was not.

Police say two cars were driving around a block several times after a party when someone started shooting, leaving five injured and one dead at the scene.

One 17-year-old boy was shot several times in the head and emergency workers thought he was dead, so they covered him with a sheet until a bystander noticed him moving.

It is unknown how long the victim was left there still breathing. Paramedics immediately began CPR before he was transported to the hospital in very critical condition.

“Paramedics look at him, believed him to be deceased, covered him with a sheet and moved on to another individual who was nearby who was also shot. He saw motion movement underneath the sheet. Officers who were present notified the paramedics this man is still alive, and treatment began on him,” First Deputy Superintendent of Chicago Police Anthony Riccio said.

Chicago police are still trying to figure out what criteria was used to prematurely pronounce this teenager dead.

“We’re looking into it right now. We’re trying to piece all the things together. We’re also looking at all the computers that take all the information the parameters of putting that information,” Chicago Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago said.

Police say the shooting is believed to be related to an ongoing gang dispute in the area.