176 still missing in Washington mudslide

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OSO, WA – The desperate search continues for victims in the mountain of mud.

176 people are missing in the aftermath of the mudslide near Oso, Washington. Search and rescue crews including volunteers had to scale back the search area because the ground is still too unstable, and the mayor of Darrington, Dan Rankin, says they are not accepting any more volunteers to assist with rescue efforts in the slide zone.

The Kuntz family missed the mudslide because they were not home. When they came back, they found their home about 150 feet from where it stood when they left.

“I’m just still in shock that we could’ve been gone,” said their son after arriving home from a ball game.

Their home is not all they lost. Irene Kuntz lost her sister. “We have lost our great great sister but are a strong family and we are going to get through this” she said on Tuesday.

Snohomish County Emergency Management Director, John Pennington said in a statement, “we are asking you to continue to send us names and photos of your missing family…friends. We are asking that you continue helping us build a list of people that are unaccounted for or missing.”

Families remain hopeful as the search continues from the air and on the ground, through the one square mile of muck.


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