Conroe, TEXAS (KIAH) He’s 18 years old. And now one Conroe teenager is heading to prison for decades, for doing the unthinkable to young children.

On March 16, 2023, 18-year-old Devin Bullock, pled guilty to two first-degree felony charges of sexually assaulting children between the ages of 3 and 12. Now he knows how long he’ll spend behind bars.

Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office

According to court records, this all came to light one year earlier. On February 2, 2022, a concerned citizen discovered a sexually explicit video of Bullock and a toddler on Bullock’s
cell phone and called the police. When Conroe Police Detective Joseph Ferraro responded to the scene, Bullock admitted that he was the man in the video and had also sexually abused a different child on multiple occasions.

Turns out the video was taken just two days before it was discovered. Detective Ferraro, after questioning Bullock, was able to find the child depicted in the video, as well as
a second victim. Bullock was arrested at the scene and charged with abusing both children.

After a thorough investigation, including looking into Bullock’s electronics and internet accounts, evidence shows Bullock was also trading numerous images of child pornography online.

Under a plea agreement, Judge Bello, sitting for Judge Hamilton in the 359th, sentenced Bullock to 40 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Bullock must now serve 20 years before he becomes eligible for a parole review, and the sentence includes the imposition of a lifetime protective order for each victim.

Lead Prosecutor Leah Fiedler had this to say about the case. “What this defendant did to these children was heartbreaking. We are grateful that we could secure a guilty plea without subjecting them to the trial process. We hope that these children, with the support of their families, will be able to begin to recover from these crimes. The fact that this defendant will be in prison throughout their childhood is a great aid in this effort.”