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During January 20-21, 2016 Investigators with Harris County Constable Mark Herman’s office, and investigators with the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 1 conducted an undercover operation in north Harris County. The undercover police operation was in response to continued outcries from the community regarding a high level of prostitution in close proximity to schools and day care centers.

Nineteen people were arrested over the two-day operation, including Officer Tony James Seller. Seller is 46 and is charged with prostitution/solicitation.  He was a veteran of the force for 20 years but was relieved of duty on Thursday.

The purpose of this operation was to curtail prostitution by not only targeting the prostitutes on the streets, but more importantly the “johns” who solicit sex for money.

Undercover investigators posing as male “Johns” were able to solicit sex for money from the prostitutes on the street. During the course of the same investigation, female undercover investigators posing as street prostitutes were able to make criminal cases on several males trying to purchase sex or sex related acts. The male sex buyers are all different ages, races and come from different back grounds.