19 states under flood warnings as communities brace for record floods

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ARNOLD, MO – And now for the last weather story of 2015.

Nineteen states are now under flood warnings. Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Virginia the latest.

In Arnold, MO, morning commuters had to drive around the encroaching river, but that was nothing compared to other parts of Missouri and other states.

Houses under water in Fenton, and two wastewater treatment plants in Valley Park flooded after the Meremac River broke through a levee, sending raw sewage into the river.

Seth Barret and his family are from Houston. He’s originally from Shreveport, LA, and that’s where they’re watching the Red River rise. “With any luck it won’t rise and get into their homes, but it’s Mother Nature and there’s not much you can do.”

Power crews in Oklahoma had to deal with an ice storm that knocked out power over parts of the state.

It’s snow out in California. And that’s a good thing for skiers and the ski industry. The Sierra snow pack is at 136 percent of average, but that doesn’t mean the long Cali drought is over.

And in Canada, the city of Edmonton opened its first hand-sculpted ice castle. It weighs more than 27,000 tons and stretches over an acre of snow.

Visitors crawl through tunnels, ride down frozen slides, and explore secluded caves. And at night, embedded LED lights make the castle glow with vibrant colors, showing once more that winter weather can be both bad and beautiful.

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