25,000 people bring the Astrodome back to life for a night

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HOUSTON, TX –  The Astrodome got a burst of life Thursday when about 25,000 people walked through its doors to celebrate the building’s 50th birthday.

“I think everybody was a little surprised when 25,000 people showed up, and they waited three, three and a half hours to go in,” Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said. “It just showed the love affair people have with the Astrodome.”

The Astrodome’s future is still uncertain.  The Texas Historical Commission is currently reviewing an application to make the Astrodome a State Antiquities Landmark. Until that decision is made, neither plans to demolish or renovate the building will go through.

“Everybody needs to understand the dome is fully paid for. Taxpayers own it. It’s an asset. It would cost tens of millions of dollars to tear it down, and then you wouldn’t have anything,” Emmett said.

While the Astrodome usually sits empty beside NRG Stadium, at least for a night, the party lived on.



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