26% of Americans want a new TV for the Super Bowl


HOUSTON (CW39) –  Many Americans say they want to watch Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes face off in 4k. According to a survey by Smarty, about 25.9% of spectators plan on buying a new TV for Super Bowl this year.

When it comes to sales, the survey found 12.8% of Americans favorite shopping event is Super Bowl sales. Other favorites included winter clearance (30.4%), Valentine`s Day (25.8) and Presidents` Day (7.7%). 

The survey shows when Americans do look for the best deals, 8.6% pick to shop Super Bowl sales and 10.5% say it’s the best time to shop for big ticket items. When it comes to Super Bowl ads, 44% are on TV, 42.7% online, 38% emails, 37.4% social media but 11.4% find sales through their browser extension, like Smarty.


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