29 dead, more than 130 wounded during knife attack in China

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KUNMING, CHINA – A chaotic scene at a train station in the Chinese city of Kunming.  29 are dead and more than 130 wounded after a terror attack Saturday, where more than 10 separatists armed with long knives raided one of the largest train stations in southwest China.

Chinese police shot and killed 4 suspects, and wounded a 5th female suspect.

There is some speculation that the attack might have been politically motivated with China`s largest annual political gathering happening later this week in Beijing.

The Chinese government is calling for increased security in public places, and for these terrorists to be brought to justice in accordance with the law.  Which in a country that’s not shy about its use of the death penalty, means when they find these knife wielding nutjobs, no doubt their time here will be cut short.


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