3 Florida police officers suspended for allegedly giving Justin Bieber a police escort

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MIAMI, FL – You’re probably tired of hearing or reading about Justin Bieber, just as we are of writing about him, but there are some new details out of Florida. Three police officers have been suspended for allegedly giving Bieber a police escort from the airport to a Florida strip club. The Opa-Locka PD is looking into the allegation. The city manager says he has no idea how the escort could have been arranged, but as we all know, the Florida drama didn’t limit itself to the cops only.

Bieber was busted for drag racing. Cops then determined he was driving under the influence, and according to police records, he blew a .04. We know what you’re thinking — that wouldn’t make him “drunk” — IF he was 21. But guess what?! The Biebs is only 19. So a blood alcohol level higher than a .02 lands you in handcuffs.

From the egg-throwing drama, to his house being raided, to this — it almost makes you miss the days when the Biebs just annoyed us with his music.


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