DALLAS (KDAF) — North Texas is known for many things, sports, food, entertainment and more. However, there’s one thing you may have not known about some cities in the region, they’re among the best cities in the U.S. for single dads.

LawnStarter conducted a study to see which cities across the country do the very best in helping the single dads out there with all the responsibilities that come with being a single parent. “We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities on 36 key indicators of an ideal environment for solo dads and their kids. Some examples include child care costs, public schools quality, and access to parks.”

North Texas has three cities in the top 12 for single dads: Frisco (No. 6), McKinney (No. 11) and Plano (No. 12). “If you want to spend regular quality time with the little ones, you might want to avoid Texas — except Frisco (No. 6), McKinney (No. 11), and Plano (No. 12).” These cities in the Lone Star State also cracked the top 100: Austin (No. 49), Amarillo (No. 57), Denton (No. 58), Irving (No. 91), Lubbock (No. 93) and Corpus Christi (No. 96).

Frisco was also tied at No. 1 for the highest quality public schools sharing it with Bellevue, WA, Arlington, VA, Naperville, IL and Overland Park, KS.

LawnStarter says, “It’s clear from our top 10 that ’burbs are best for single dads and their kids. Life tends to move at a slower pace in these sprawling, less populated cities, such as Naperville, Illinois (No. 1), Frisco, Texas (No. 6), and Irvine, California (No. 10).”