3 siblings found dead in Stafford home

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STAFFORD, TX – A tragedy that strikes close to home leaves neighbors shaken and silenced.

This comes in the wake of a family shooting in Stafford that ends in the death of three siblings.

Siblings, 23-year-old Faheem Mughal, 18-year-old Fahad Mughal and 15-year-old Rebecca Mughal were all victims of the tragic family dispute.

Cops were called to a house on Venice circle when the mother came home and found three of her four children dead.

One can only imagine the heart-break she felt.

Stafford Police Lt. James Leedom says, “It is apparently a suicide, murder-suicide type of dispute.”

A fourth sibling, a sister, was not home when the tragedy occurred. She was in class at Houston Community College.

The father also was not home at the time.

No word on who the shooter was, or why the dispute had to come to this.

Family disputes can be heart-breaking as is; but when a dispute like this one ends with siblings in body bags, broken hearts are not the only pieces in this puzzle.



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