45 beached whales die on India shore

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INDIA - It sounds like something straight out of a fiction book, but this story wasn't a figment of one's imagination.

Tuesday, right off the coast of India, locals discovered over 45 dead beached whales.

As many as 80 Short-Finned Pilot Whales washed ashore, making it almost 45 years since residents saw something like this happen.

Rescuers were able to take at least 36 of the whales back to sea, but many of them appeared to be puzzled and made their way back to shore.

According to whale experts, it's very difficult to rescue stranded whales because they all need to be pushed into the sea at the same time. Otherwise, they'll just return to be with the whale that's in distress.

As for the other whales that didn't survive, environmentalist will begin their research to learn why they got stranded.

Hopefully this tale of a whale will come with a discovery that can keep others from the same fate.

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