Fourth graders caught selling pot on playground

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GREELEY, CO – Several fourth graders have been accused of selling and trading marijuana at their Greeley, CO school playground.

“On Monday, a 10-year-old fourth grader did bring a baggy of marijuana, we do believe it was a small quantity. We haven’t been able to find any of it,” said John Gates, Greeley School Safety Director.

Gates says that boy sold pot to three other fourth graders on the school playground.

Then the following day, one of those kids gave the initial pot dealing boy a marijuana edible.

Another student at Monfort Elementary turned the four kids in. two were suspended – all are being punished.

So how did these kids get their hands on some weed?

“Unfortunately in both instances the students got the marijuana from their grandparents, not with consent, their grandparents didn’t know they took it but,” says Gates.

At the request of the district, Greeley Police will not file charges against the grandparents.

Instead, Gates says they’re hoping this serves as a lesson.

“We wish they would secure it much like they would a firearm, or something that could get in the hands of kids and shouldn’t.”

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