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HOUSTON (CW39) – It’s almost Thanksgiving but things will look a little different this year with smaller groups and tighter budgets due to the pandemic.  However, MyBankTracker.com is giving tips on how to save and budget for your Thanksgiving feast.

Here’s a list of their top five tips:

  1. Budget and plan a menu
    Estimate how many guests will attend and who will bring a dish. Set a budget and break that down to cost per serving(s). Then you can start looking at recipes to figure out which you can afford.
  2.  MacGyver your meals – improvise or substitute
    Don’t buy an expensive ingredient just because a recipe calls for it, especially if you will only use a small amount. Look for a substitute. If a recipe calls for a tablespoon of wine and you won’t drink the rest, diluted vinegar (use twice as much water like balsamic), lemon juice or even a tart juice can make excellent substitutions.
  3.  Look for recipes with the cheapest ingredients and price them out before heading to the store
    Make sure you review the ingredients before buying. You can avoid getting to the last ingredient on the list and finding out it costs $25, like truffles, truffle oil, crème fraiche, etc.
  4. Check your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets
    Eggs are inexpensive and can make a hearty, savory quiche, egg pie or bake that is appealing to the eye and can bring together seasonal vegetables. Leftovers reheat well and can be frozen.
  5.  Stick to seasonal vegetables and experiment
    Seasonal vegetables don’t have to be shipped as far as tend to be inexpensive this time of year. We all know about corn, cranberries, and pumpkins, but others include mushrooms, spinach, okra, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale and kohlrabi and root vegetables like turnips, beets rutabagas and parsnips. Experiment with other seasonal ingredients like tomatillos, arugula or fennel.

For more on these tips check out this link

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