6-year-old takes family car for Chinese food

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LAPEER, MI – Some kids drive their parents crazy. This youngster drove the family car!

A 6 year old Michigan boy, who couldn’t wait any longer for his driver’s license, was caught by local cops cruising in his dad’s car cause he was jonesing for some Chinese food.

It happened in Lapeer, about an hour north of the Motor City itself, and it has folks wondering one thing: “Where are his parents?”

Turns out, they were sleeping. Taking the keys from the counter, the tike took his family’s Ford Taurus at about 7:30 in the morning on his joyride for some takeout; but he ended up taking out a street sign instead.

Unfazed by the fender bender, the little fella decided to break off his breakfast run and head over to the auto mechanic. This kid might be reckless on the road, but apparently he’s responsible.

The 6 year old continued to drive erratically for about 3 miles before other concerned motorists blocked his vehicle to a stop. Deputies showed up a few moments later and the boy was busted!

Officers woke the parents with the news that their kid was out cruising in their car. The father claims this is the first time his son was behind the wheel. It’s unclear if authorities will press any charges. But instead of a slap on the wrist by law enforcement, what this kid might need is a good spank on the tush.



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